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UMAC HD Real Surround

High Multimedia Group SIA

For about 40€ anyone can purchase a set of Surround Boxes for their TV or PC nowadays. When you buy a High Definition TV, it comes with an audio system that is perfectly capable of producing Surround Sound (usually 5.1). Sadly, this high tech equipment usually delivers only a frustrating stereo sound. Why? The answer is simple: what doesn’t go in, can’t come out! In other words: even though the demand for Surround Sound is great and the hardware to produce it is sufficient, the sound suppliers only deliver a disappointing stereo file!

We think it is about time this mediocre sound production is turned into the real deal. But all current technologies today, even 3D applications, work with stereo files. Psycho-acoustic effects trick the brain into creating the illusion of Surround Sound. But it isn’t. Yes, this technology is impressive, but it’s still only a two-channel experience.

High Multimedia Group knew better things were possible. That a real, pure, surround sound could be created in a simple living room. The group didn’t aim for a ‘good’ or ‘nice’ sound production, they aimed for superlatives. Mastering engineers at High Multimedia Group wanted to create an infallible surround sound that allows Surround Sound equipment to reach its full potential. And so, after months of hard work, they finally developed the groundbreaking software that remasters a mono or stereo file into ‘Real Surround 5.1’. Rest assured: the difference in sound quality is undeniable.

This exceptional software is called UMAC HD. If you have any questions about the more technical aspect of ‘5.1 Real Surround’, please check our webpage for our contact details. However, the most impressive improvement of this new process is that the ‘sweet spot’, the ideal location to listen to sound in your living room, is much bigger than before. Not only does this guarantee a more profound Surround Sound sensation, it also compensates the often ill-placed equipment in room.

Any movie ever made, any documentary, TV series or sports game and games, can be converted into ‘Real Surround 5.1’. Even the oldest, most obscure recording in mono can be made into a ‘Real Surround 5.1’ experience. This means that the potential market for Umac HD software is huge. Its content is evidently also ready to be streamed, or distributed otherwise. Can you imagine the delight of listening to your radio with a ‘Real Surround 5.1’ sound coming from your speakers?

In the meantime High Multimedia Group has already remastered over 240.000 Song titles. So, if you aren’t convinced by our words, let your ears be the judge. Experience ‘Real Surround 5.1 ‘for yourself and send us a email.


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